Ultra Urban Filter with Smart Sponge

urban_filterThe Ultra Urban Filter with Smart Sponge Inside is designed for use in either curbside or drop-in storm drains that experience oil and grease pollution accompanied by sediment and debris. The oil permanently bonds within the Smart Sponge and becomes permanently encapsulated, eliminating the possibility of leaching or leaking back into the environment. Sediment and debris accumulate in the upper basket for easy clean-out. It is lightweight, easy to install and monitor, and requires minimum maintenance.

The smart sponge is a genuine sediment water filter that ensures that the water flowing through the filtration system is properly and completely treated. This solution is used to treat stormwater runoff for new or retrofitted sites by absorbing oil and grease and capturing trash and sediment, making it a truly comprehensive water sediment filter solution geared at removing key contaminants and pollutants from stormwater runoff. In addition, AbTech’s Smart Sponge® Plus incorporates an intra-filter antimicrobial to promote and prolong the effective and efficient functioning of the filter.

The Ultra-Urban® Filter is ideal for municipal, industrial, and construction applications ensuring compliance with stormwater regulations and sediment filtration. The sediment filter comes in two standard designs; one a modular unit geared toward curb inlet openings, and the other, a single unit designed for typical drop-in catch basin drains.

Sediment Water Filter Applications

AbTech’s Ultra-Urban® Filter is an ideal solution for new or existing applications. It can be deployed in:

  • Municipal Stormwater Drains
  • Shopping Center Parking Lot Drains
  • Parking Structures
  • Airport Tarmac Drains and Fuel Farms
  • Commercial Fuel Distributor Facilities
  • Commercial and/or Residential Developments
  • Truck Stops