Stormwater Pollution Control

When constructing a roadway, building a structure, or just in need of adequate base stabilization the use of geotextiles are usually highly recommended. Geotextiles come in various forms and can be used in a number of different applications. Base stabilization geotextiles are often used on gravel or dirt roads with heavy high traffic. They are permeable, durable, and safe. They help to reduce the overall wear and tear of road equipment and the permeability dramatically reduces the amount of gravel needed to keep the roads in service.

WH Shurtleff not only offers base stabilization fabrics to be used in road work applications but they also provide solutions for general residential driveway solutions with their driveable glass plantable concrete systems and Geo Blocks. The array of geotextiles made available by Shurtleff ensures that whatever your reason or application needing reinforcement and protection from forcible wear and tear, we have you covered.

Beyond geotextiles, WH Shurtleff’s team of professionals specialize in a full suite of environmental systems and stormwater solutions. Call us for custom completed catch basins, fencing and pollution control services. Call 1-800-633-6149 to get started with an experienced professional at Shurtleff.