Round Top Erosion Control Staple Driver

The Round Top Erosion Control Staple Driver is a fast and efficient means of securing erosion control matting, geotextile fabric, mulch netting, and sod. This easy-to-use labor-saving device is designed for the Round Top Pin, but can also be used with geotextile pins and center-driven biodegradable pins.


  • Can be installed in a standing position when using with the JMD Round Top Driver
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy visual inspection
  • Safe for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Pull out strength equal to that of an 8″ x 8 gauge staple
  • Able to drive through hard soils and clay
  • Prevents mower damage
  • Up to 5 times greater surface holding area than a traditional gauge staple
  • Will last up to one year

Associated Files: Round Top Erosion Control Staple Driver

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