SUPER-SPAN™ Long Span Steel Structures

Long Span Steel Structures

Aluminum long span steel structures add both longitudinal stiffeners (thrust beams) and circumferential stiffeners (reinforcing ribs) to aluminum structural plates to achieve long span shapes and sizes. Clear spans in excess of 30 feet and clear areas of over 435 square feet are achievable with long span steel structures. Available shapes include low-profile and high-profile arch and horizontal elipse.

SUPER-SPAN™ long span steel structures utilize MULTI-PLATE® plates and special features that allow for a different and large family of shapes. With spans up to 50 feet, our aluminum long span structures are some of the most widely accepted long-span, corrugated steel bridge structures in the world. Shapes include the Low Profile Arch, High Profile Arch, Horizontal Ellipse, Pear and Pear Arch.

Typical SUPER-SPAN™ long steel span structure applications:

  • Wetland crossings
  • Multi-span bridges
  • Railroad underpasses
  • Stream enclosures
  • Vehicular tunnels
  • Grade separation
Associated Files: Super-Span Arches