Multi-Plate Culverts

multi-plate steel structuresGalvanized steel and aluminum plates can be designed to create a wide variety of profiles for culverts, stream enclosures, and storm sewers. They can also be used as an economical easy-to-handle bridge solution.

MULTI-PLATE ® Steel Structures

MULTI-PLATE ® provides a larger range of sizes and shapes while retaining the advantages of corrugated metal pipe. Delivered to the job site unassembled, plates are bolted together to form a full round pipe, pipe-arch, ellipse, arch or other shapes.

multiplate_steel_structuresMULTI-PLATE ® structural plates, consisting of field bolted galvanized steel plates, have a long history of strength, durability, and economy. Structural steel plates are arranged to make a variety of shapes, including round, pipe-arch, arch, ellipse (horizontal and vertical), and underpass shapes.

Typical structural plate applications include:

  • High combined live and dead loads
  • Deep cover applications
  • Stream enclosures
  • Golf cart and pedestrian underpasses
  • Aggregate tunnels

On-site assembly service is available. For more information about our products, please request a quote or contact us at WH Shurtleff today.