Culvert Parts and Components

WH Shurtleff can supply and coordinate all of your culvert parts and components needs. From standard accessories to custom fabricated fittings, we can help with projects of any size and specification.

Culvert Fittings

Elbows, T’s, Y’s, Reducers, and more. Products offered include custom fabricated fittings; if you can draw it, we can have it built.

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Culvert ConnectorsCulvert Connectors

Bands to connect sections of culvert, typically 12″ and 26″ in breadth.

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Hugger Bands

Hugger BandsAnnular rerolled ends are an optional feature of CORLIX Pipe and Pipe-Arch. With annular rerolled ends, a HUGGER Band may be used. This band offers simple, easy installation and excellent soil tightness.The HUGGER Band, plus optional bolt, bar and strap connector and gaskets, effectively joins sections of CORLIX Pipe to meet most infiltration and/or exfiltration requirements.


Aluminum welded fittings are designed to offer a complete CORLIX Pipe System and to minimize installation time. Accessories to meet most requirements can be fabricated to the engineers specification. Prefabricated manholes and elbows minimize hydraulic junction losses. Prefabricated risers and elbows also speed installation.Optional annular rerolled ends on CORLIX pipe.CORLIX fittings improve installation time in the field.

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Culvert End SectionsEnd Sections

Controls and protects the outfall area at the end of a culvert.

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Quick Stab JointsQuick Stab Joints

Bell and spigot connection for corrugated metal pipe.

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