Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP)

Corrugated Steel PipeCorrugated steel pipe and flexible steel conduits are widely used in the construction of culverts, storm sewers, subdrains, underpasses, and other stormwater and drainage solutions. These applications are important in the maintenance of highways, airports, municipalities, recreation areas, industrial parks, water pollution abatement, and many other programs where proper drainage is critical.

WH Shurtleff offers a number of culvert and storm drain fabrication products made of corrugated steel pipe for a wide variety of applications. Choose from a number of different coatings designed to handle various corrosion factors to find a CSP that will offer optimal service life and economy in your desired application. A wide range of sizes and shapes are also available, making CSP suitable for everything from storm drains to bridges.

Corrugated Steel Pipe Products:


If you have any questions about corrugated steel pipe products or how they can benefit your specific application, contact WH Shurtleff online today! We’ve been a trusted resource for stormwater management systems, environmental protection systems, and civil engineering products for over 30 years and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you.