Aluminum Box Culvert

aluminum box culvert

An aluminum box culvert is a practical and cost-efficient solution for small bridge replacement. They have a lower installed cost because they are faster and easier to install than cast-in-place concrete structures. Unlike the precast concrete structures, aluminum box culverts don’t require heavy cranes making bridge repair and installation a breeze.

Our aluminum box culverts are available in a large range of standard sizes that permit a minimum cover of only 17 inches for all spans, and handle HS-20 or HS-25 live loads.

Typical Aluminum Box Culvert applications:

  • Small bridge replacement
  • Skewed bridge alignment
  • Stream crossings
    • More than 7,000 installations since 1976
    • Spans to 35 feet
    • Wide-span, low rise structures
    • Ideal for small bridge replacements
    • Variety of shapes and sizes
    • Lightweight
    • Fast, easy, low-cost installation
    • Suitable for rehabilitation applications
    • Extensive technical support
    • Economical

On-site assembly service is available.

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