Culverts & Bridge Products

Effective Stormwater Management

There are many different types of culverts. Generally speaking, a culvert is a closed conduit used to convey and move water from one area to another. The function of culverts to remove stormwater and runoff from roadside ditches is one of the more common uses of this device. Proper installation is vital to help preserve the integrity of the roadway and help reduce erosion and frequent maintenance repair. Culverts can be separated into two different divisions: stream crossing and runoff management. The first is used in situations where the flow of water is self-defining, like a pre-existing stream, river, or wet area. The second strategically places a culvert in such a way to help manage roadway runoff.

WH Shurtleff offers an extensive number of culvert products. From the standard reliable aluminized steel culvert to our state-of-the-art Ultra-Flo smooth interior culvert, we offer the right products to help you correctly and appropriately manage your stormwater, runoff, and water construction needs.

Metal Culvert Pipes

Different types of corrugated metal culvert pipes are popular options in everything from smaller drainage systems to applications that require more rigid structure like bridges and highway underpasses. Both aluminum and steel corrugated metal pipes are available and suitable for a wide range of applications. Various coatings and treatments ensure the metal culvert pipe you choose is optimized for given conditions and requirements for corrosion and environmental wear and tear.

Beyond culverts, Shurtleff’s team of professional engineers specializes in a full suite of environmental systems and stormwater solutions. Call us at 1-800-633-6149 or contact WH Shurtleff online for custom completed catch basins, fencing, pollution control services, and more.