Water-Gate Barriers

water-gate barrierWater-gate barriers can replace thousands of sandbags almost instantly. Your cofferdam can be set up in a few minutes and taken down even faster. The water barrier can be used to hold back streams and watercourses without affecting the environment; no sediment, no earthmoving with major savings in time and money. Several sections can be installed quickly by a single person to create a flood barrier of the desired length.

No filling is required because the water flowing into the water barrier causes it to deploy by itself. Installation can be done by one person. The water barrier’s durability means that it can be used again and again for many years.


  • Easily reusable
  • Efficient set-up and break-down
  • Minimal removal, clean-up and storage effort
  • No maintenance needed when packed, cleaned and dried
  • Fully collapsible barrier requires minimal storage space
  • Abrasion-resistant due to reinforced fabric

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