Trash Racks

trash racksStormRax™ manufactures plastic solutions for nearly all your stormwater management screen needs. These maintenance-free solutions have proven to be more environmentally friendly and will maintain their appearance for years to come. WH Shurtleff offers trash racks and low flow debris cages for storm water management basins and pond structures. We have a full line of standard size Stormrax and can also offer custom manufactured Stormrax trash racks to fit your requirements.

StormRax™ Advantages

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Chemical, corrosion, and UV-resistant
  • Able to withstands high/low temperatures & long term weather exposure
  • Various shapes available, including Round, Peak, Flat, Sloped, and Pyramid
  • Can be mounted on plastic, metal pipe, and concrete structures

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