The Snout Floatables and Oil Separator for Catch Basins

the snout oil separatorThe “SNOUT” is a hooded outlet cover that converts any sumped stormwater structure into a debris/water/oil separator. It attaches to either round or rectangular catch basin walls over any type of outlet pipe. Because the “SNOUT” allows only sub-surface water to reach the catch basin outlet pipe, as much as 95% of floatable debris and oil remain captive inside the catch basin for easy clean-out. The stormwater flow remains unimpeded. Marine-grade fiberglass construction is impervious to corrosive ice melting chemicals.


  • Low head loss design
  • Very easy to install, most units taking less than an hour
  • Stop up to 95% of floatables
  • Offers significant reductions of oils and suspended solids
  • Models for rectangular and round structures
  • Contains floatables and oil within the catch basin or structure
  • Attaches to catch basin wall over any type of pipe
  • Removable watertight clean-out port allows for easy pipe access
  • Anti-siphon flow vent improves hydraulics and prevents contaminants from being drawn downstream
  • Light-weight yet strong plastic composite construction made
  • Unaffected by corrosive ice melting chemicals due to marine-grade fiberglass

Because it can be used in series to achieve a greater degree of water quality improvement, the SNOUT is truly an effective, low-cost best management practice. Looking to inquire about our oil separator products? Request a quote from WH Shurtleff today.