Smart Sponge

smart sponge

Smart Sponge technology fully encapsulates recovered oil from stormwater runoff, resulting in a significantly more effective response that prevents absorbed oil from leaching. It remains buoyant in any type of water, whether calm or agitated, allowing it to remain in place until fully saturated, which results in no wasted product.

Once oil is absorbed, the Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling, providing a closed-loop solution. The technology is a cost-effective BMP – in comparison to other products, it allows for less expensive and less problematic handling and disposal of the waste product. Because it’s designed not to deteriorate in water, it helps to allow for longer product life.

The Smart Sponge technology offers customized solutions for prevention of stormwater pollution, oil spill response, process water filtration and other industrial applications that need to meet specific environmental requirements.


  • Highly-effective response to oil in stormwater runoff
  • Closed-loop solution
  • Capable of successfully removing sheen
  • Remains buoyant in calm or agitated water
  • Low installation and maintenance labor costs

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