Catch Basin Hydrocarbon Filters

catch basin filtersAt the heart of the Ultra Urban Catch Basin Filters is the Smart Sponge® molecular structure, which is chemically selective to hydrocarbons and can help reduce bacteria levels. Unlike polyester-based competitors, Smart Spong fully encapsulates recovered oil and will not allow it to leach out. Once the oil is absorbed, Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling or disposal as a non-hazardous material.

It is also capable of removing low levels of oil from water, thus successfully removing sheen. Smart Sponge® remains buoyant in any type of water, from calm to agitated, which permits it to remain in place until fully saturated and results in no wasted product.

Benefits of Smart Sponge® Technology

  • Meets all regulatory discharge requirements down to less than 10 ppm oil in water
  • High hydrocarbon removal efficiency and absorption capability
  • Unique polymer technology allows media to be shaped into any shape or size based on the application’s needs
  • Products incorporating this technology are non-mechanical, require no structural changes to stormwater systems and are easily installed and maintained
  • Products such as the Ultra-Urban Filter with Smart Sponge® fit into most existing catch basins

For a customized stormwater pollution prevention solution, oil spill response, or other industrial applications to meet specific environmental needs, look no further than Ultra Urban Catch Basin Filters with Smart Sponge® technology. Interested in this product? Request a quote from WH Shurtleff today.

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