Catch Basin Dandy Sack

basin dandy sackThe Dandy Sack™ is an open-top stormwater drainage filter that is designed to hang underneath a storm grate to filter even the thickest sediment-laden stormwater. Any suspended solids are able to settle outside of the flow and are captured by the Dandy Sack™ prior to entering the inlet, making it a must for stormwater control.

Dandy Sack™ Stormwater Drainage Filter Benefits

  • Easy installation, no rebar required
  • Affordable pricing
  • Incredibly strong open-top bag
  • Internal straps cradle grate for added
  • Bright orange monofilament geotextile to be easily seen in any weather condition
  • Security when installing & removing
  • Manageable 2ft. containment area
  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • Available with optional oil absorbents
  • Available with patented curb blocking technology – Dandy Curb Sack™

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines

Installation Tips

  • Remove the grate from the catch basin
  • Place absorbent pillow in the pouch on the bottom of the unit (if using optional oil absorbents)
  • Stand the grate on end
  • Move the top lifting straps out of the way and place the grate into the Dandy Sack so that the grate is below the top straps and above the lower straps
  • Hold the lifting straps and insert the grate into the inlet

Maintenance Tips

  • Remove any accumulated sediment or debris from the unit after each storm
  • Look into Dandy Sack™ after each storm – if containment area is more than 1/3 full of sediment, the unit needs to be emptied
  • To empty unit, lift the unit using lifting straps and remove the grate
  • Replace absorbent pillow when near saturation (if using optional oil absorbents)
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