Catch Basin Dandy Bags

dandy bagsThe patented Dandy Bag® is designed for use with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter sediment-laden stormwater. Any suspended solids are allowed to settle outside of the flow and are captured by the Dandy Bag® prior to entering the inlet. This process helps to ensure you maintain regulatory compliance performance.

Dandy Bag Stormwater Filter Benefits

  • Unique patented design keeps silt, sediment and debris out of storm systems
  • Reduces the need to flush/clean inlets
  • Fabricated from orange geotextile so it can be seen in any weather condition
  • Easy to install, inspect, and maintain
  • Reusable
  • Reduces outflow turbidity

Installation and Maintenance Guide

Installation Tips

  • Your empty Dandy Bag should be placed over the grate as it stands on end
  • Place absorbent pillow in the pouch on the bottom of the unit, attaching the pillow to tether loop (if using optional oil absorbents)
  • Holding the lifting device, place the grate into its frame. Do not rely on lifting device to support the entire weight of grate.

Maintenance Tips

  • Remove from the unit any sediment or debris that have accumulated after each storm
  • Remove any sediment that has accumulated within the containment area of the Dandy Bag as needed
  • Remove and replace absorbent pillow when near saturation (if using optional oil absorbents)
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