Catch Basin Systems

Superior Environmental Protection

Catch basins often referred to as storm drains or curb inlet are far more than just a hole in the ground. Rather they are engineered devices specifically designed to keep pollutants of all kinds out of a sewer system. Functionally, catch basins offer extremely valuable environmental protection. Designed to collect and store common pollutants like oil dry, dirt, trash, rust, and other chemical residues, catch basins have become a necessity in many different scenarios. They can be found in a number of differing locations, from city municipalities to automobile and truck dealerships.

WH Shurtleff offers a diverse array of catch basin systems and catch basin parts to help fulfill whatever your specific project requires or needs. From catch basin bacteria filters to help destroy microorganisms, bacteria, and hydrocarbons from entering the sewer system, to trash racks which aids in storm water management and pond filtration efforts, WH Shurtleff has you covered.

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